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Safe and Unsafe Touches

The three kinds of touches are: Safe touches. These are touches that keep children safe and are good for them, and that make children feel cared for and important. Safe touches can include hugging, pats on the back, and an arm around the shoulder. Safe touches can...

COVID-19 Update

COVID 19 UPDATE. Dear Pupils and Staff of Dominican Nursery and Primary School, we need to always stay safe and obey all rules to protect ourselves from the raging COVID-19 virus. We should strictly adhere to all guidelines given to Nigerians by the Nigerian Center...

Newsletter Update

2nd Term Newsletter     NEWSLETTER Dear Parents,     Greetings to you and your family. The entire management of Dominican Nursery and Primary School appreciates your patronage and cooperation towards the success of this term and also all efforts in working with the...


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Non-Discrimination Policy

The Non-Discrimination Policy document of Dominican Nursery and Primary School highlights the importance of gender equality and promotes inclusivity for both boys and girls: Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy